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Matty Booth

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Managing Partner

I remember being 8 years old, finding a hand held camcorder in my grandmothers attic. It was at that moment I fell involve with capturing moments via video. I have a passion for creativity, a mindset for business, positive attitude, and blessed with a wonderful family. 

Videographer, Editor, Licensed Drone Pilot + Graphic Designer


Chad Lawrence

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Film Maker

My video production experience actually started as a passion for music production. While studying Communications at Worcester State, I interned at local recording studios and radio stations. This is when I discovered a true love for video production. These internships and mentor ships gave me an array of filming experiences from interviews, commercials, music videos, and eventually weddings! 

Videographer, Editor + Director of Photography 

    It all started back in Worcester State University. Two Best friends with a passion for video production. Creating anything they could get their hands on. From music videos to live broadcasts. 


Matt Booth, Founder, booked his first wedding back in 2009. At this time Chad Lawrence, was shooting music videos. Both had their own unique shooting & editing styles, but when they combined their skills it created a cinematic professional product. In 2010, Geary Booth Productions was born. In seven years they had over 20 weddings under their belt. 

It wasn’t until early spring of 2018, where Geary Booth Productions partnered with the Majestic Group forming the new company, 

Majestic Video Services.


Majestic Video Services provides multiple types of production from Brand Marketing, Business Commercials , Golf Tours, Drone Inspections, and lastly Weddings. Creating their own wedding division called...


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